Mar 14th – The Third Seed of China-Japan Ambassador Pageant/ Business Networking Event

The Selection first seed of China-Japan ambassador pageant was held last Aug followed by the second seed this Nov. And now we are announcing the third seed is being held on this coming Mar. 14 at 7:30pm (door opens at 7pm).

The event venue is at a gorgeous double decker vessel, Atakemaru.


Atakemaru is an Edo period replica liner liked that owned by feudal lords such as Iemitsu Tokugawa. Guests will be treated to kabuki-esque show performed by former Gekidanshiki theater member and Japanese dinner course while cruising the Tokyo bay.

Six semi-finalists from each seeds have been picked so far and another six beautiful semi-finalists are about to be chosen for the third seed. (To become a contestant, please visit a link above and submit an application by Feb. 28.)

Guests are also at this event for business networking.

The first seed was well received by the 180 attendees from a wide range of major enterprises. Councillor, Cabinet Secretariat, Toshio Mamiya read a congratulatory message to start the party.

The toast speech was made by Mr. Sakurai, the president of Japan’s leading sake brand, Dassai that sponsored this event.

At the first seed, contestants were wearing kimono dresses sponsored by Bijapon and Yukata sponsored by Hamamatsu city. You can see all the semi-finalists here: コチラ

Here are the judges for the first seed:


At the second seed, 130 carefully selected guests attended. The venue was at the same place as the last time, Lieu De Vintage Mejiro supported by Matsuya co.,Ltd known as a long established department store, Mtsuya Ginza. Mr. Katsuyama from Lieu De Vintage promotion division made a toast speech to start the party.

This time, the contestants were wearing wedding dressed sponsored by Atelier Arman Dress. Meet the semi-finalists here: コチラ

And here are the judges for the second seed:

This pageant/business networking event offers new business relationships opportunities. We have heard many positive feedbacks.

Here are the sponsors for this event:

The venue, Lieu De Vintage is a wedding ceremony and reception venue operated by Matsuya Ginza. The place is right in front of Mejiro station.

And these media also attended:

The both of first and second parties were watched live in China supported by NetEase and the first time reached 127,798 people in 120 minutes and the second time reached 89,000 people.

The final is being held on Jun. 6th in Tokyo and the advertisement contest is also being held at the same time. Both contests are operated by The SELECTION.

If you are interested in applying, the details are here: 

Since the contest application deadline is approaching, The SELECTION have decided to have an orientation on Jan. 17th for anyone who are thinking to apply for the contests at last minute. The venue for the orientation is at Dassai Ginza store which sponsored the event last summer. Join now and receive a special gift!

●Here is the details and the application form for the Japan-China business networking event:


●Here is the the details and the application form for the advertisement contest





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